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One of the things about the internet is that because of its
universal presence and spread it has limitless users, who may use the internet for any variety of purposes. Even though the everyday email and browsing is still common, people have opened up to the idea of the internet as a very powerful and extremely cheap marketing and communications tool. People are using the internet is various extremely creative ways in order to increase the overall visibility and standing of their companies, businesses, sales, products and/or services. It’s safe to say that the internet has now become one of the game changers in the portfolio of any company’s marketing strategy.

One of the ways that the marketing and communications potential of the internet can be tapped, is through the use of advertising and/or promotional and informational videos which can be hosted on various video hosting websites of which, the most popular remains to be YouTube. The site provides people with a free, versatile and extremely adaptable platform to host their content while ensuring that all local, state and federal regulations are followed. As such, the above statement may seem like an oxymoron to some, which calls for a bit of an explanation.

The concept of youtube is to basically provide people with a stage for broadcasting pretty much anything they want the world to know. This being said, violence, strong adult material, personal copyrighted material and so on are a part of a restricted and/or protected content area which means that they are not to be uploaded on the site. As long as this simple rule is followed, users can tap the unlimited and extreme potential of the site to spread the word, get noticed and get recognized for a fraction of the cost and time spent in general advertising and communication methods.

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