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Strategies to Help You Get Facebook Fans for Your Business

Facebook fan pages are known to increase brand recognition and visibility. You can use your Facebook fan page to drive traffic to your website and increase your revenue. However, in order to succeed, you need to know various strategies of getting Facebook fans. The following are some of the strategies you can use to get or increase Facebook fans.

Come up with a circle of promotion

You can create a circle of promotion that allows people to come to your fan page and then proceed to your business store. This involves informing Facebook fans about your page, what it offers and the special advantage that your fans will get by following and liking what you have to offer.

Use many types of promotional tools

There are many promotional tools that you can use to your advantage in order to get Facebook fans. For instance, you can write articles for article distribution sites or trade periodicals that have your name and link your fanpage to a desirable audience. These articles will steer potential fans to your page and establish your expertise and knowledge in the industry. In this way, your fans will feel that they are getting the value of shared knowledge. You can also create a video about your fan page and give reasons why people should share and like it. Post your videos and articles to all kinds of sharing and social networking sites in order to open your page up to new audiences.

Create Facebook ads

Creating advertisements is an easy way to get Facebook fans for your page especially if you do not own a website or blog where you can promote your Facebook page on. In order to create ads, you just have to type ‘adverts” on Facebook’s search bar and then set up an account. To start, you can set your daily limit to five dollars and then start creating many ads. For example, you can create fifty different ads. Get a feel for advertising by noting how cost per click, targeting and cost per impression works. When you find advertisements that work, keep them running and pause those that do not work. You can then increase your daily budget in order to increase the number of fans on your page.

Use the reveal tab

You can increase Facebook fans by converting visitors into fans by using the reveal tab. This tab helps boost the number of likes you get since people who are not fans have to click the like button in order to see your content. This translates into more likes.

Give value to your fans

Even though you need your fans to take action, you should not plaster your fan page with a lot of self promotional content. On the contrary, you should provide your fans with valuable content so that they keep coming back to your page and recommend it to their friends.

Use External media

External media includes internet sources like your blog, website, Twitter, autoresponders and offline marketing methods such as business cards . You can use these mediums to promote your fan page by placing your fan page’s url on them so that people can know about it.

Buy Facebook fans

This is another great way to get or increase Facebook fans. When you buy Facebook fans, you get the opportunity to encourage the growth of your fan page and the credibility of your brand. It is now a fact that most potential customers judge businesses by how popular they are in social media. This means that it is very important to have many Facebook fans and likes. As you buy Facebook fans, you can target key demographics like age, gender, country and keyword. Buying fans is just another method of promoting your brand to increase traffic and revenue.

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